Januar 18, 2010

craft hope for haiti

erstmal entschuldigung, dass ich euch garkein schönes wochenende gewünscht habe...aber ich bin davon überzeugt, dass ihr es alle genossen habt... meine gedanken gehen immer wieder zu dem leid und elend, in dem sich jetzt gerade in diesen momenten die menschen in haiti befinden ...nicht vorstellbar...
um so schöner, wenn man sieht, was man aus eigener kraft schaffen kann...bewundernswert...heute bin bei etsy auf dieses wunderbare projekt "craft hope for haiti" gestoßen...iniziert von jade sims, die auf ihrem blog "craft hope" eine plattform geschaffen hat, auf der sie mit anderen kreativen unterschiedliche hilfsprojekte unterstützt...alle durch ihre kreative arbeit...ist es nicht schön, wenn man wichtige dinge auf so wunderbare weise zusammenbringen kann...;)...und da ist frauheuberg sofort dabei um soviel persönlichen einsatz, mut und liebe zu unterstützen...also zeigen wir euch hier einige zauberhaften dinge von selbstlosen etsyVerkäufern des projektes  "craft hope for haiti" , die   bald vielleicht euer eigener schatz sein könnten...schaut unbedingt vorbei und helft mit...es ist eine herzenssache, die man einfach nur unterstützen kann...in diesem sinne noch einen schönen tag...und bis später... 

first sorry that we didn´t wish you a lovley weekend...but i am convinced that you've enjoyed it all ...but my thoughts always go back to the suffering and misery, which is now located precisely in these moments, in Haiti ... inconceivable ...
the more beautiful when you see what you can do on your own...admirable ... today i found on etsy the wonderful project "craft hope for haiti" ...founded by jade sims,who has created on her blog "craft hope" a platform, upon which she supports various aid projects with other creatives ... all through their creative work ...it's not nice when you can gather important things on such a wonderful example ?...;)...and frauheuberg is ready to go to support so much personal commitment, courage and love...so we show you here some magical products by selfless etsySellers of the project "craft hope for haiti", which could be soon maybe your own treasure ...sure drop by and help with ...it is a matter of the heart, which you simply can only support ...in this sense have a lovley day ... and hear you later... 

(images by craft hope and etyssellers fernandfeather,mxrod4,funChi,isewcute)


  1. Wonderful project, indeed! It feels so good to participate in something like this.

  2. yes, i believe...unfortunatly we haven´t at the moment an own etsyshop...but we support you with our posts and i will go to order a little treasure for us, too...;)...so it´s so great that you be a part of it...and i like your work very much...thanks for your lovley comment...;)...

  3. My goodness! Thank you for posting about this fabulous etsy shop that is reaching out in this unimaginable time of need. I plan on donating more to help as I have custom 'hope' sprinkles & glitter resin hearts curing in my molds right now. When I saw this shop, I knew I couldn't just sit on the sidelines & not do something. It's beautiful to see so many caring people doing what they can & that crafting can make the world a better place in so many ways.

  4. Hi Ines, thanks for your comment! Looking forward to the course, so chat to you soon over there! :)

  5. Hallo Ines. Danke für deinen Kommentar. Auch schön, dich kennenzulernen ;) schön, dass auch ein paar "Deutsch-Sprachige" students bei BYW dabei sind ... Also, ich freu mich drauf, dich "im Unterricht" zu sehen ... liebe Grüße von caro
    P.S. die Schühchen sind herzallerliebst.

  6. @Hello there! My name is June...yes thats so right...thanks for your feedback...i love your hearts...do something good everyday...that´s what life is worth for,or...many thanks for your work...;)...

    @lana...yes, thank you, too...would be great to exchange with eachothers...see you later in the class...;)...

    @sodapop...ja finde ich auch...dann kann man ab und zu mal wieder deutsch reden oder zumindest denken...;)...ich freu mich auch...bin schon echt gespannt...also lieben dank und bis später...;)...

  7. Dear Ines, this is such a wonderful wonderful project! Thank you so much for the shop link! In times like these, to see so many people coming together to try and make a small difference...it is indeed vry wonderful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you!

  8. danke für die lieben kommentare :-) eine schöne kreative woche euch! das projekt ist wirklich wunderbar! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  9. @jacqueline...yes it is...great that we had inspired you to go on this magical project...have a great week, too...;)...we see us...;)...

    @cat...lieben dank, cat...wünschen dir auch eine wunderbare woche...bis bald au unseren blogs...;)...

  10. Thank you so much for posting about this--I didn't know about this shop. (I LOVE that candy sprinkle necklace!)
    There is another Etsy shop that I donated a dress to called Hearts for Haiti http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartsforHaiti They donate 100% of the money after fees to the relief effort there.

    It is SO heart warming when people get together to work for a greater good!!! :) Thanks for posting about it!


  11. Hello Ines! I'm so happy you posted about Craft Hope for Haiti too! It's such a great idea & I'm so glad it's garnering so much support. I love your blog - it's beautiful, and especially your byline: inexhaustible communicative. So you! You're such a natural networker. "See you" in class!

  12. @amy...so we always glad if we can share our finds with you...;)...and thanks for sharing yours with us...also a wonderful projects...and right is fanatstic if a community just like here do so much together...not describe with words...;)...thanks so much for your post...

    @...oh annie...so happy about your post...thanks so much for writng this to me...and i love the term "natural networker" so much...a big hug and thanks...see you in class, too...